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GLOBAL VIRTUAL CAREERS provides a wide range of competent Global Virtual Assistant Services like Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Career Bio Writing, Blog Writing, Real Estate Virtual Assistance, Executive Assistance, Social Media Marketing Management, and Online Presence Enhancement. Our Global Virtual Assistant Services also includes SEO Content Writing, Article Writing, Article Submissions, WordPress Management, Public Profile Creation (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), Logo Designing, WordPress Website Development, Video Creation, Voice Over, Administrative Assistance, Transcription, Internet Research, Data Entry, Data Scraping, Excel Spreadsheet Reporting, and many more other Global Virtual Assistant Services or Remote Business Support to facilitate your business’ progress… Making your Business Closer to your Customers!

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Let’s change how your world works!

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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

You’re in the right place! You can find the best global virtual assistant service here! The world is so amazing nowadays; you can find almost everything through the internet. The solutions are just a click away and you’re good. Yes! Global Virtual Careers can help you obtain your business objectives. Hire the best Global Virtual Assistant Services today! We’ll be your online partner in solving your problems. Let’s change how your world works through Global Virtual Careers Making your Business Closer to your Customers!


If you want to be an effective Global Virtual Assistant, investing on yourself for a Global Virtual Career is essential to achieve your goals. Let’s learn on how to enhance your skills and discover some more.

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If you can not handle it within your resources, hire a Global Virtual Assistant’s Services and we’ll give you a hand. Be globally competitive, outsource other projects to reliable global virtual assistants like us.

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Global Virtual Careers will collaborate with you to handle any kind of Global Virtual Assistant Services. We will provide you with sincere solutions to meet your company needs with dedication and professionalism.

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Global Virtual Careers have smart professionals on board like Expert Resume LinkedIn Optimizer, English Majors, Certified (TESOL), MBA, HR, Accounting, Customer Service Relations, Social Media Marketing Experts, & Multitasking Virtual Assistants.

Why Global Virtual Careers (GVC)?

The Triple S benefits in hiring Global Virtual Assistant Services at GLOBAL VIRTUAL CAREERS (GVC)


We GUARANTEE QUALITY WORK. You will work with global knowledge, skills, and abilities with our reliable and proactive best Global Virtual Assistants who are experts in their chosen fields. We deal professionally with our clients all over the globe in providing Global Virtual Assistant Services. We help you SAVE TIME!


We can do multitasking, and fast turnover of projects.We can work around your schedule so you can concentrate more in growing your business and maximizing profits because your Global Virtual Assistant will do all the tedious jobs for you. All you need to do is be successful on what you’re doing. We make you STAY FOCUSED.


You don’t need to worry about employee’s salaries and benefits; no need to rent space or buy office equipments; and no more paying for employee’s trainings because a Global Virtual Assistant is always ready to work with their own resources. With our Global Virtual Assistant Services, we help you SAVE MONEY!

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