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Our Mission & Vision


The mission of GLOBAL VIRTUAL CAREERS is to provide Global Virtual Assistant Services with dedicated and globally competent Virtual Assistants to work on your project with an ACCURATE AND FAST TURNOVER. We are committed to an integrated service that will help your company closer to your customers. We assure you that our team is honest when it comes to time, money, and work. You can count on us. Trust is important in Virtual Careers. Great Job and Great attitudes! We are EXPERT, MULTI-SKILLED, & MULTITASKING GLOBAL VIRTUAL ASSISTANT READY TO SERVE YOU!


The VISION of GLOBAL VIRTUAL CAREERS is to provide a Exemplary Global Virtual Assistant Services to business people through out the globe while leaving an Excellent Reputation to our clients that they won’t hesitate to recommend us to their colleagues and friends; help stay at home moms to be productive and discover more things that they can do even though when just at home; to help talented Filipinos make use of their skills to reduce if not stop the problem of unemployment through online working with GLOBAL VIRTUAL CAREERS!

To be the best VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS in the globe that you can ever imagine!

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