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Study Online- 5 Good Reasons to Online Education


Education is not limited to the traditional classroom anymore because you can study online. Having a degree is very important nowadays because it is your stepping stone in acquiring great skills that you can use when you will work. It is your chance to broaden your knowledge and help in the betterment of the society.… Continue Reading »

The Revolution and Marketing Benefits of Social Media

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Ready or not, Social Media is actively taking place Right Here, Right Now. Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users worldwide. Imagine how powerful that is! One of the oldest marketing saying states that there is no better form of advertising stronger than word of mouth. The only problem with that is, it is… Continue Reading »

The Work at Home Me Enjoying the Freedom of being Location Independent

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Daydreaming about quitting your job and working from home? Or better yet, working while travelling? Take a step further and build a location independent career that allows you to live and work wherever you want to. My family and I had moved to Thailand more than 4 years now. And since then, I considered myself… Continue Reading »

Into the World of Professional Blogging

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A blog is a journal online where a virtual assistant or anyone can write about his experiences, issues, opinions, ideas, travels and then posts these personal records online for the entire world to read. Now, ever wonder what it would be like earning a living by simply blogging? For most people, professional blogging seems like… Continue Reading »

Financial Strategies for the Work at Home Moms

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One of the best gifts a woman can ever be in her lifetime is to become a mother. Children make life and the family as whole, happy. Much as you want to stay at home full time with your kids, it is a challenged by choice to give up your corporate work. That would mean… Continue Reading »

What Qualities Virtual Assistants Should Possess?

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If you are planning to look for a virtual assistant who is going to make things easier for you then before hiring someone you should consider listing down some of the most important characteristics a successful VA of your choice should possess. This will help you ease your burden of evaluating and interviewing a number… Continue Reading »

Freelance Writing Jobs for the Work at Home You

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The article below is a continuation of series about our various topics in Freelance Writing. Freelance writing is the most common freelancing job and virtual career. Work at home freelance writers are more than able to write articles on various niches ranging from energy, to technology to house maintenance to even cooking and child and… Continue Reading »

Good Examples of Great Customer Service


A great customer service is defined by how customers perceive your products as well as after-sales service that aim to make them feel that they are an essential part  of your business. Take note of how people react to a particular product, don’t hesitate to ask questions, get feed backs either in a traditional way… Continue Reading »

Right Career- How to find the Right Career for you


Finding the right career is never too late. Are you just starting out a career? Or making a mid-career move? Or have been in the same job working for the past 10 years or more? Whatever career situation you’re in now, there is not specific time to accomplish this. Everybody is different from each other… Continue Reading »

Tips on how to Choose the Best University Online

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In choosing the best university online, the schools that offer online degrees must be compared. In comparing them, several factors must be considered to make the challenge easier. Remember that the most important factor is the one that fits the needs of the learner. In the next paragraphs, the factors will be further discussed one… Continue Reading »