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Is The Customer Always Right?

Customer service is taking into consideration customers’ needs for this is an important factor when it comes to business success.  Business owners and companies have to properly understand their customers because at the end of the day, they are the people who buy from you and get your business going. Your decisions should focus around the things that will make your customers and clients go back to you and patronize your products and services.

A very common slogan says that the customer is always right, right? Wrong! A lot of times, customers are wrong. Based on calls received from call centers, most customers often won’t read manual instructions, they don’t read reviews and product descriptions from the Internet, they incorrectly follow instructions, break things, and mostly confused.

BUT, your customers will ALWAYS be the customer. Your customer is always right especially how he feels about a situation. Just as a satisfied customer becomes your walking advertisement, so is a disgruntled customer who can share with great many people about his bad experience of your lousy product or service. There are many wrong customers who spend money and buy the wrong things. And being business owners, you want your companies to succeed. A large part of that success involves the selling of goods, products and services to possibly ALL customers, the right ones and even the wrong ones. All clients and customers pay money. You want them to keep coming back to you, right or wrong.

After a product or service has been sold or rendered, is that the end? How much do you care about your customers? Don’t we all want to have satisfied clients and customers? Praises and positive feedback are good. Recognition for good things done is also good. However, all these great feedbacks could become a trap. You will give more importance to the happy customers over the irate ones, the ones who complains, problematic, whom you wish would just simply leave. But hold it right there! Behind those complaints are real gems. You can take advantage of the complaints and negative feedbacks you receive to grow your business. You will have a better grasp on customers’ expectations and plan on how you can improve your products or services. It is the best place to begin on making your organization better.

You benefit from all your customers, right or wrong. You are better in positioning your customer service team to cater to the expectations of your customers when you begin to understand their needs, feelings, and aspirations. Welcome irate customers, their negative feedback, and their complaints. Show how you care and involve them in the process of making things better. Be open to suggestions and get opinions or ideas that will make your customers’ experience a perfect one. Then get yourself busy in making it happen.


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